Home Repair And Improvement

If you were considering a home repair and improvement project, here is some of the information you definitely need to know before getting started, as with any other repair project around the house, you will need your financial situation, just to buy whatever the things you would like to in your house.

hands on


The best way to get intimate with one’s home is by filling it up with personalized items. There’s nothing cozier and more familiar than a spot filled with sentimental pieces. Invest on furniture and decorations that has been personally crafted by you or some friends. You would find that these are more appealing than the ridiculously expensive ones you can buy at shops. This will also serve as memorabilia which could provide you the much needed energy lift when you’re feeling stressed because of the feeling of nostalgia it is associated with. These things are also good conversation pieces for you and your guests.

Sunny Patio

A patio can be more than just a place where you put plain tables and chairs, it can be a wonderful place where you can throw parties, relax with your family and friends, and so much more. This is why people should pay attention to how they decorate their patio. Transform your boring patio now to the best spot for everyone. Here are some of the best patio decors.

  • Make it fun. Don’t be afraid to add bright and bold colors.
  • Add life to the space by putting plants everywhere. Patios get a lot of sunshine so it is perfect to be decorating the place with plants and flowers, just don’t forget to water it regularly.
  • If you have a large patio, it can also be the home’s second dining area. A dining table can be added. Add a colorful table mat that matches the couches.
  • Invest on pretty lights.

How to survive home renovations

Having your home remodeled is a very exciting process; everyday is a countdown to a better home. However, as awesome this process is, it also means days, weeks or months sharing this personal experience with a bunch of strangers. There will be contractors, architects, interior decorators, carpenters all over your place. These people are strangers but they are your chosen team mates.

The good thing about this whole interaction is you actually get to choose which strangers you will trust your home to. The best way to go about this is to ask people’s references. Interview a lot of people before hiring the ones you feel comfortable with. Let them know your concerns. If you have rules you want them to follow, say it right away and ask them if they are okay with all of it. It is a team effort. Both parties should always be in agreement.

The people you hire are professionals. They should be given as much respect as you expect to be given to you. Keep in mind that they know what they’re doing so keep calm and let them do their work.

Painting A Room


One way to make your room look completely different is by changing it’s color. Color changes everything. It can turn the most boring room alive. This can be done by painting the walls and ceiling. The good thing about this is that you can easily pick up a can of paint and a paintbrush at a local store. The real challenge is really picking the color. There are hundreds of different paint colors to choose from, so make sure that you get the best one that will suit your home and your personality.

Remember, the color you choose will be the color you will have to stare at for a long time. If you’ve chosen the color, then you’re ready to start painting. The first day should be allotted prepping the walls. Sand it down so that the walls will be smooth and easy to paint. Remove all the furniture in the room because you wouldn’t want it to to be covered in paint. Make sure that you have all the right brushes. Some areas in the room are harder to reach and this would require angled brushes.

Shower VS. Tub


When remodeling a bathroom, one should not just focus on the look but also the functionality. Sure it is nice to change the tiles or the color scheme but also consider the functions of each part. Do you want a tub or a shower? Are you the type of person who enjoys relaxing long hot baths or do you normally just have a few minutes under the shower? When making that decision, first ask yourself this: is your bathroom big enough to actually have a tub in it? Showers take up little space unless you plan on installing the extra large shower head then that can easily be the same space as a tub. Showers are also more sanitary than tubs since it requires less maintenance and cleaning is quick and easy as opposed to tubs that need to be scrubbed regularly. When taking a bath, you start off with clean water but then by the end of it, you are rinsing yourself with the water that already has your dirt. Installation is the same. Though it might seem that a tub needs more work. Both still needs water lines and sewer lines installed. In the end, your decision should be which one best suits your taste and needs.

Designing A Nursery

Welcoming a new member in the family is one of the most beautiful and precious experiences you’ll have in life. If you are a first time parent, then it is likely that you do not know how to go about decorating a nursery room for your baby. In this article, you are going to learn some fun facts and tips on how to create the best room suited for your child and your taste.

A newborn would not recognize color at first. The first color they will recognize is red but avoid using this because it can cause them confusion. Lean towards softer shades like pastels. Choose basic pieces that would still be suited to their taste as they grow. A nursery doesn’t need a lot of items. The most important ones are a crib, a changing mat (could be a table or on a dresser) lamp, waste basket, storage for clothes and other baby stuff and lastly a comfortable chair for you to sit in when you are looking after the baby. When choosing these furniture keep in mind the size of the room. Do not choose a big crib if the room is small. The more room for you to move in, the better. Add shelves for the toys your baby will have. A lot of people normally give toys as presents so it will quickly pile up. Having shelves is one of the best ways to keep the room neat. Do not install too bright of a lighting in the room. Soft lighting is better so your baby doesn’t have a hard time adjusting from sleeping to waking up.

Its all about research

Decorating one’s home is an exciting prospect. We all know that the interiors of our house are extensions of our personalities, so it only makes sense to invest a lot in it. Research is a prime factor for a good home interior. We can buy clothes at whim but unfortunately so, we cannot do the same with our house motif, imagine renovating the looks of your place and not being satisfied in the end, that would indeed be a waste of time, energy and money! We recommend you browse magazines to enhance your idea of what your house should look like. Cut out pictures and make a collage, it is important to have a concrete pattern of what it is you want.

Design On A Dime


With so many home improvement themed shows available on TV now, it is confusing which one is worth watching. If you are a person on a budget but would still want to learn more about how to make some good house changes then the best show to watch is HGTV’s Design On A Dime. Unlike other home design shows, DOAD is for budget conscious people. They take one space/room in a home and re-decorate it with just a budget of $1000. It could be a boring bedroom, an overly cluttered living room or an outdated kitchen, the team of talented designers make incredibly impressive transformations!

The show is hosted by different well-known designers. Lee Snijders is the original host and lead designer. Each year, the show creates new teams to take over the show. Other hosts are Sam Kivett, and Kristand Cunningham. It premiered in 2001 and is still currently running on HGTV once a week.

Multifunctional Furniture


Have you seen the movie transformers? Well, multifuntional furniture is sort of the same as a tranformer. It is camouflaged as something simple then transforms into something incredibly mind blowing.  Having a multifunctional furniture helps with not just saving so much space in your house, but also making your place look stylish and modern. The best example of this is The Boxetti collection. Designed by Rolands Landsberg, his sleek white box furniture maximizes efficiency.

The collection starts with The Boxetti Lounge. It is a three- seater sofa that has removable pieces that become instant coffee tables. On the back, there is a foldable desktop and another seat.

Boxetti Lunch is a whole kitchen that looks just like a simple white rectangular shaped table but it includes a fridge, a sink, 2 stools, shelves and storage drawers.

And last but not the least is the Boxetti Thrill. It has a built in TV and speakers that rise up whenever you want to use it.