Renovation Ideas


Changes you want to make for your home improvement project. Sometimes, we just need to slow down, really look at our environment and envision how renovating will reflect our personal style and tastes. It will get a home remodeling idea is not that difficult; you have to use your imagination and plan for the take time and effort.

The Versatile Armoire


The armoire is the cabinet for storing just about everything. It has doors, drawers and shelves to keep your things orderly and out of sight. It can be used in any room. Traditionally made of wood, it can be made of other durable materials, and comes in designs less old-fashioned as in the past. It is effective for your home office or study area. You can use it to hide your television and computer, house your audiovisual equipment, keep your files and documents. It can be used as a wardrobe and accessory keeper, pantry, display case for trophies and china, and just about everything that needs to be organized.

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Sprucing up kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet
Sometimes, all you need to do is spruce up your cabinets and shelves to make your kitchen looking new and lovely and more functional. There are two ways to actually do it: either you tear down the cabinet and replace them with new ones or by repainting and streamlining them to achieve a fresh look.

Once you have decided to replace your old cabinets, be careful in choosing the materials that you will use. Pick the ones that can stand the test of weather, time and use. Remodeling is a major investment therefore you have to make sure that your money’s worth can go a long way.

One Source For All Floors

When it comes to flooring, Mohawk has everything you need: carpets, hardwoods, laminates and ceramic tiles. With 125 of experience in flooring and one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the world, Mohawk has made inroads in the environmentally friendly flooring. The company claims that 25 percent of plastic bottles recycled in North America become Mohawk carpets.

MyMohawkRoomMate, available on their website at, helps you solve your flooring dilemmas with an interactive quiz that finds out your needs and suggests flooring option based on location, style, household type, pets, floor traffic, and cost. Creative decision-making made easy.

The File Folder

Starting a major project such as remodeling can be a headache. Faced with hundreds of swatches, quotations, receipts and sketches, it can be a migraine attack waiting to happen. Before anything else, get yourself a good organizer. A plastic file folder with numerous compartments and clear sleeves will be your ultimate reference source, the one thing you will bring everywhere, from the site to the hardware to the architect’s office. Using colored tabs to divide the different papers and sheets, you have instant access to the last point of discussion with your interior designer which she wrote on a table napkin, as well as the magazine cutouts of the flooring you want to copy. Plus, you save yourself a lot of time and lost invoices.

Outdoor Lighting on Low Voltage

Outdoor lighting is a good way to highlight the appearance of your home, level up its security, as well as increase the safety of the people who stroll about your property at night. You can put this up on your own and at a low voltage too. The process is fairly simple and is actually just a one-day project that includes adding about a half dozen lights, doing the wiring, and hanging the transformer. The needed materials are readily available at your local home store. Although if you want to achieve a professional look, consider purchasing at least the transformer and lights from a landscape lighting dealer. It will turn out to be more expensive but the durability and serviceability is worth it.

Keep in mind that a bit of planning is necessary. It is imperative that lighting must highlight architectural features and plants, and provide better access to paths, walkways, and steps. Approximate the areas where you will put the lights and add about 3 inches at the ends so you will be able to modify it later on. Ultimately, to buy the correct amount of wiring, you must compute the total footage of the area you will light.

Making your basement more functional

There are many ways by which you can transform your idle basement into a usable and functional part of the house.

1) As a comfortable den for lounging and entertaining friends
2) As a cozy family room where family members can play, laze around or hang out during days when there is nothing better to do
3) As a music room for the music lover family members, where they can listen to their music away from annoying disturbance
4) As a game room with an impressive pool table where guests may be entertained
5) As a quiet study room or home office area or even as a library

Indeed, there are many ways by which to make use of a basement. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity to get things going.

Design On A Dime


With so many home improvement themed shows available on TV now, it is confusing which one is worth watching. If you are a person on a budget but would still want to learn more about how to make some good house changes then the best show to watch is HGTV’s Design On A Dime. Unlike other home design shows, DOAD is for budget conscious people. They take one space/room in a home and re-decorate it with just a budget of $1000. It could be a boring bedroom, an overly cluttered living room or an outdated kitchen, the team of talented designers make incredibly impressive transformations!

The show is hosted by different well-known designers. Lee Snijders is the original host and lead designer. Each year, the show creates new teams to take over the show. Other hosts are Sam Kivett, and Kristand Cunningham. It premiered in 2001 and is still currently running on HGTV once a week.

Skylight express

velux.jpg Skylights are a beautiful way to bring in natural light and fresh air into a room. They can be ventilated and can be opened, or fixed and always closed. How many you need depends on the climate in your area. Skylights can pose design, security and energy challenges, so you should plan ahead. Positioning can be tricky. Problems such as leakage if the joints are not tightly sealed, breakage and losing solar gain in winter can cause you to spend more on replacement and heating and cooling. In some cases, tubular skylights, which are narrow and use a mirror , may be more practical. Choose solar heat control glazing instead of plastic glazing and single-pane glass, as heat-absorption tints, low-emissivity coatings and insulating glazing conserve energy.

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Planning Steps before Renovation

1. Money – How much are you willing to spend on kitchen renovation. Money is important and so is our budget. Know the limits of your budget and how much you are willing to spend for your dream kitchen renovation project, for a better estimation of renovation plans and materials that would best suit your budget.

2. Time – How much time are you willing to spend on the project will you still be able to go about on your work and other personal stuff. Create an attainable schedule which comfortable and beneficial to you and your project.

3. Design – Do a research on designs and layout that you would like to incorporate on your kitchen renovation project and work out a plan

4. Consultation
– Consult a Interior Designer to work out you ideas and design including the time and budget of the project.