Why you should hire a remodeling contractor

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It’s true that remodeling your house on your own can save you the cost of hiring a professional contractor. However consider the hassles that come along with doing the project by yourself.

First, you are not an expert on the matter. You are not very knowledgeable about economical ways of using materials available. In the end, you might be dismayed to find yourself spending more than what you expected. Second, since you are not an expert on the matter (unless you are an architect or engineer) you might not be able to competently meet the time frame of your project. This will create a problem later on especially when you find out you have spent almost all of your vacation days and yet your house remodeling project is only half way through.

Organize ideas


We recommend you make a visual output of your prospective room outlook, preferably a drawing or a collage. The organization will allow you to get your thoughts in concrete settlement before you even lift a single paint brush. It will also allow you to be more detailed with your plans, as you go into the process of laying out your designs in a mini blue-print, you would find yourself coming up with a variety of new ideas that would normally seem vague if you do it spur-of-the-moment style. In implementing your plans, it is best to make a list of the things you will need to purchase. Do not withhold on spending for professional consultation as this could actually save you more money in the long run as you will be informed of exactly what and how much of something is needed for your dream renovation.

Green Upgrades – Easy as Pie!

//"solarhome"A trip to the local depot would surprise you at the many green options that are coming out of the many think-tanks that are trying to find easier and better ways for us to live. From more efficient lighting to DIY solar heaters and solar panels to harvest the sun’s free energy to small home wind turbines that harnesses another of nature’s cleanest features, the wind. All these come in kit form that allows easy and cheap electricity all-year round, well mostly. Though it is seldom possible to totally go -off the grid for all your electrical needs, a little goes a long way and if each and every home were to shift some of their electrical needs to renewable energy, billions of dollars a year can be saved and millions of tons of carbon taken out of the atmosphere that would otherwise make the bad situation worse. Read the rest of this entry »

Keep the fireplace burnin’

The fireplace is essentially a part of the living room. Therefore if you are remodeling your living room, you might as well remodel the fireplace too. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave that part of the room jutting out like a sore thumb if you don’t at least give it some sprucing up.

One word of advice when remodeling your fireplace: seek professional advice. Better yet, hire an expert. Remodeling a fireplace entails some fussy work like installing slate tiles and mounting of a new wooden mantel. This is a department where you can’t afford to fail because a small mistake on a small detail can affect the whole structure.

Shower VS. Tub


When remodeling a bathroom, one should not just focus on the look but also the functionality. Sure it is nice to change the tiles or the color scheme but also consider the functions of each part. Do you want a tub or a shower? Are you the type of person who enjoys relaxing long hot baths or do you normally just have a few minutes under the shower? When making that decision, first ask yourself this: is your bathroom big enough to actually have a tub in it? Showers take up little space unless you plan on installing the extra large shower head then that can easily be the same space as a tub. Showers are also more sanitary than tubs since it requires less maintenance and cleaning is quick and easy as opposed to tubs that need to be scrubbed regularly. When taking a bath, you start off with clean water but then by the end of it, you are rinsing yourself with the water that already has your dirt. Installation is the same. Though it might seem that a tub needs more work. Both still needs water lines and sewer lines installed. In the end, your decision should be which one best suits your taste and needs.


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改装をしてもしなくても正しく検討してみて下さい。 何を変えたいかに始まり、使用する塗装の色や部屋の形、そして使用する付属品などに至るまで、しっかりとしたリフォームの計画を練って下さい。 物件の純粋価値を利用してあなたのリフォームプランを実現するよう、良い貸し手を見つけてください。 ご自分でリフォームをされるのなら仕事場を確保して下さい。 取り換えに必要な全てを取り除いてください。 リフォーム業者に依頼しているのなら、作業が開始される前に、期待に沿う結果となるように業者と検討し、些細な事項についてもとことん話し合い結論を出して下さい。

Home Remodeling Estimate

Saving some money in places you never expected takes time to have estimate before you commence work on your kitchen or bathroom. You have to be sure that you don’t overspend and keep the costs within your budget and how much is to much to spend on restoration. Anyone is apt to the point of buying a house that it is been fixed and looks good.

Keeping your Toddler Safe at Home

Homes, as they are safe for adults, may not exactly be safe for little, curious kids. Normal household paraphernalia (such as electrical outlets, blinds string, etc.) can cause accidents for the toddlers. Here are some ways to keep the tots safe while exploring the house.

  • Keep the strings of your blinds / curtains/ shades out of baby’s reach. Tie them somewhere high to prevent your toddler from entangling himself or from pulling it down, ruining your window décor or the blinds themselves.
  • Insert socket covers into your outlets. This will keep the baby from inserting little things (or his finger) into the electrical sockets. Socket covers are readily available at your home store.
  • Place baby gates at the second floor of your house or wherever it is that the baby is most likely to fall or meet an accident.

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The best way to get intimate with one’s home is by filling it up with personalized items. There’s nothing cozier and more familiar than a spot filled with sentimental pieces. Invest on furniture and decorations that has been personally crafted by you or some friends. You would find that these are more appealing than the ridiculously expensive ones you can buy at shops. This will also serve as memorabilia which could provide you the much needed energy lift when you’re feeling stressed because of the feeling of nostalgia it is associated with. These things are also good conversation pieces for you and your guests.

How to survive home renovations

Having your home remodeled is a very exciting process; everyday is a countdown to a better home. However, as awesome this process is, it also means days, weeks or months sharing this personal experience with a bunch of strangers. There will be contractors, architects, interior decorators, carpenters all over your place. These people are strangers but they are your chosen team mates.

The good thing about this whole interaction is you actually get to choose which strangers you will trust your home to. The best way to go about this is to ask people’s references. Interview a lot of people before hiring the ones you feel comfortable with. Let them know your concerns. If you have rules you want them to follow, say it right away and ask them if they are okay with all of it. It is a team effort. Both parties should always be in agreement.

The people you hire are professionals. They should be given as much respect as you expect to be given to you. Keep in mind that they know what they’re doing so keep calm and let them do their work.