Making your basement more functional

There are many ways by which you can transform your idle basement into a usable and functional part of the house.

1) As a comfortable den for lounging and entertaining friends
2) As a cozy family room where family members can play, laze around or hang out during days when there is nothing better to do
3) As a music room for the music lover family members, where they can listen to their music away from annoying disturbance
4) As a game room with an impressive pool table where guests may be entertained
5) As a quiet study room or home office area or even as a library

Indeed, there are many ways by which to make use of a basement. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity to get things going.

Design On A Dime


With so many home improvement themed shows available on TV now, it is confusing which one is worth watching. If you are a person on a budget but would still want to learn more about how to make some good house changes then the best show to watch is HGTV’s Design On A Dime. Unlike other home design shows, DOAD is for budget conscious people. They take one space/room in a home and re-decorate it with just a budget of $1000. It could be a boring bedroom, an overly cluttered living room or an outdated kitchen, the team of talented designers make incredibly impressive transformations!

The show is hosted by different well-known designers. Lee Snijders is the original host and lead designer. Each year, the show creates new teams to take over the show. Other hosts are Sam Kivett, and Kristand Cunningham. It premiered in 2001 and is still currently running on HGTV once a week.

Skylight express

velux.jpg Skylights are a beautiful way to bring in natural light and fresh air into a room. They can be ventilated and can be opened, or fixed and always closed. How many you need depends on the climate in your area. Skylights can pose design, security and energy challenges, so you should plan ahead. Positioning can be tricky. Problems such as leakage if the joints are not tightly sealed, breakage and losing solar gain in winter can cause you to spend more on replacement and heating and cooling. In some cases, tubular skylights, which are narrow and use a mirror , may be more practical. Choose solar heat control glazing instead of plastic glazing and single-pane glass, as heat-absorption tints, low-emissivity coatings and insulating glazing conserve energy.

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Planning Steps before Renovation

1. Money – How much are you willing to spend on kitchen renovation. Money is important and so is our budget. Know the limits of your budget and how much you are willing to spend for your dream kitchen renovation project, for a better estimation of renovation plans and materials that would best suit your budget.

2. Time – How much time are you willing to spend on the project will you still be able to go about on your work and other personal stuff. Create an attainable schedule which comfortable and beneficial to you and your project.

3. Design – Do a research on designs and layout that you would like to incorporate on your kitchen renovation project and work out a plan

4. Consultation
– Consult a Interior Designer to work out you ideas and design including the time and budget of the project.

Shower VS. Tub


When remodeling a bathroom, one should not just focus on the look but also the functionality. Sure it is nice to change the tiles or the color scheme but also consider the functions of each part. Do you want a tub or a shower? Are you the type of person who enjoys relaxing long hot baths or do you normally just have a few minutes under the shower? When making that decision, first ask yourself this: is your bathroom big enough to actually have a tub in it? Showers take up little space unless you plan on installing the extra large shower head then that can easily be the same space as a tub. Showers are also more sanitary than tubs since it requires less maintenance and cleaning is quick and easy as opposed to tubs that need to be scrubbed regularly. When taking a bath, you start off with clean water but then by the end of it, you are rinsing yourself with the water that already has your dirt. Installation is the same. Though it might seem that a tub needs more work. Both still needs water lines and sewer lines installed. In the end, your decision should be which one best suits your taste and needs.

Four great tips in home remodeling

While you starting the home remodeling, these are the some points that you will surely guarantee and it will be a good venture it is the best thing that you can do to your family and it is the good investment in the future. Just repair everything that needs to be repaired, this is the fist thing that you should do.

Basement remodeling


When remodeling your basement, keep an eye out on three health hazards you may find. Humidity and flooding can cause mold. To remove mold, apply equal part bleach and water to the area. Protect yourself with industrial gloves and sealed goggles, making sure that there is adequate ventilation. Ask an expert about what the strain of mold you have and what you can do about it.

If your home is decades old, there may be asbestos in your insulation. If the insulation is torn or damaged, ask a professional to test it for asbestos, which can cause health problems when inhaled. Sometimes removal can release more fibers, so sealing is necessary.

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that is often found in basements that can be health-threatening if present in high levels. You can test radon levels yourself or ask an expert to conduct the test. If found, the technician can advise sealing joint and cracks, and improving ventilation. Solutions involve sealing cracks and joints, and using fans and ducts to circulate fresh air.

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Remodeling your apartment

apartment living room Apartment living can pose many challenges to the occupants. For one thing, you have no other choice but to live with whatever fixtures you find in your rented place. You have very limited space and you have to make do with whatever room your home can offer you.

So now, you are thinking of remodeling your apartment. Since you are just renting the area, you cannot really remodel it all the way because it is not your own. Therefore you can only execute a little modification here and there. And because of this limitation, you may as well concentrate on the furnishings, the lighting and other accessories to give your home a little touch of change. You can highlight a room, for example, by means of a special lighting system that can give the whole area a touch of elegance. Changing your furniture too, is a good way of splashing up your room with new colors.

Deciding on your bathroom fixtures and design

If you happen to visit a home furnishing shop, you might be astounded to find out so many new and modern and lovely designs for bathrooms, it can be confusing which one to pick. But don’t be too carried away by the amazing displays you see in these shops. Be prudent.

Firstly, make up your mind about your purpose in remodeling your bathroom. Why do you want to remodel it anyway? Is it for convenience and comfort? Or is it plainly to satisfy your want for aesthetics? These questions will guide you in selecting and deciding which bathroom fixtures and design you really need and want.

Ace Hardware online


The Ace Hardware website (, like its physical counterpart, strives to be “the helpful place” for everything home-related. Interactive project videos touch on the different aspects of building, from floor to ceiling, electrical to plumbing. The Step-by-Step how-tos provide detailed instructions for a variety of projects. FAQs are organized by category; Learning Guides and the Helpful Hardware Man’s Corner are there to answer your questions. There are also sections on Lawn & Garden Advice, Preparing for Natural Disaster. Paint Tips has the most comprehensive advice, which offers something from all of the above sections, plus a Paint Estimator and Paint Visualizer.