Renovating your kitchen with limited budget

Perhaps one of the most expensive part of the house to remodel is the kitchen. Hence many people just don’t want to touch their kitchen unless they have ample budget for the project. But there are ways to work on your kitchen project despite your limited resources.

1) Compare prices in various home improvement centers. Mark the one that offers the best deal for you money.
2) Don’t touch the cabinets. Doing them all over requires quite a sum of money. You can however make them look new by repainting or putting a little accent such as new knobs or handles.
3) If your cabinets are movable, you can move them or rearrange them to give your kitchen a new twist.
4) Instead of using expensive tiles or granite on your countertops, laminate them instead.
5) Inspect the flooring. If you think it is still good enough, leave it as is. A good cleansing chemical might just do the trick to make the floor cleaner and brighter.

One spot at a time


At all cost, avoid jumping from one room to another without finishing the last one you started. This will prevent utter confusion on your part with the look you intend to achieve for your house. Make sure to have a definite master plan on what it is you want each room to represent or express so that you don’t end up mixing the ideas in one room. Take into consideration the person who is going to be using the room and make sure it does not contradict with their sense of style as this could actually spell the difference between being a home buddy and a party animal.


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Some say that our homes reflect our personality. But what about busy buddies who work almost all day and have no time to fix their houses? I don’t agree that it reflects who you really are but rather what kin of lifestyle you have. But still, we need to fix our homes to make it more inviting for visitors that we can invite them for dinner or parties.

The very thing about house makeover is that you must know what you want it to look like. The themes of houses range from cultural, foreign, modern and a whole lot more. It is up to you what you want and what relaxes you. After all, houses are decorated to give comfort to the owner.

Japanese houses are known for simplicity. Mexicans are for their warm colors and many more. If you are interested in modern themes, do not put too much furniture on it.
All that you have to remember before after choosing what you want id that minimize the usage of bulky furniture. It makes the house look crowded.

Getting what you want – DIY Style

diy_2Everybody remembers the old days when dad used a hammer and saw to make the garden furniture, fixes the fence and many other stuff. Those days were replaced by contractors who bill you everything from the turning of a screw to more complicated thousand dollar jobs. The recession doesn’t mean people’s desire of improving their homes has diminished, it goes the other way.
With more time on their hands, people are finding odd jobs around the house to pass time and do something worthwhile that they can be proud of. Say, repainting the kitchen or bath, upgrading the den and cleaning and re-finishing the deck. All these can be done easy with the right tools and a little elbow grease. Gather ideas from magazines and other print media so you have a visual clue on what has to be done.

Four great tips in home remodeling

While you starting the home remodeling, these are the some points that you will surely guarantee and it will be a good venture it is the best thing that you can do to your family and it is the good investment in the future. Just repair everything that needs to be repaired, this is the fist thing that you should do.

DIY Wisdom To Fix or To Replace

energy-starAny equipment installed into a house that has served more than ten years may have to be replaced, not only because they are not working but because they consume more electricity and thus cost you more in the long run. Air conditioning, central heating elements and many other systems that are installed into a home need constant monitoring and maintenance or else they risk breaking down in the most unexpected times. Newer models also have the advantage of the inclusion of newer more energy efficient parts that saves you money in the long run.
The older the appliance the lower the safety of such older equipment due to normal wear and tear that it goes through every time you use it. The old reliable one might still have some life to it but try to look out of the box and visualize the overall efficiency of your AC for example and compare it to newer models, they might cost you now, but would surely save you more in the future.

Tips in choosing a remodeling contractor

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When hiring a remodeling contractor for your house, don’t be in a hurry. Take time. Hiring one requires careful planning and consideration. Never get the services of one whom you meet by chance at a party or who calls or goes to your home to offer his services.

It is best to base on the personal accounts of friends or kin who already had the experience of hiring a remodeling contractor. You may ask them for reference. Check out the results of the contractor’s work and gather feedback from the home owners. This way, you are able to gather information and tips on which contractor to hire.

Remodeling Your Kitchen for the Best Resale Value

An interview with Don Van Cura of Don Van Cura Construction, a Chicago-based remodeling outfit, by Kohler brought out trends and suggestions on what to refit your kitchen to increase its resale value.

Instead of laminate countertops, insist on granite, a durable and attractive surface for your kitchen. When it comes to sinks and appliances, stainless steel is still popular. Single-basin or double-basin sinks are still a matter of personal choice, but a large single-basin would be enough if there are dual dishwashers. Faucets don’t have to be expensive, but they should be high enough to fill large pots.

Wood floors and cabinetry are still preferred. The finish should not be very light or very dark so that it will not be swayed by trends. Large, mid-priced cabinets are the best options.

Other good investments: walk-in pantry, crown molding, elegant trim work, undercabinet lighting, wine coolers, commercial-grade appliances, single-valve water faucets directly over the stove, and a mounted flatscreen TV. For smaller budgets, new cabinet fronts and stainless-steel panels that breathe new life into existing appliances can work wonders.

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Reuse plastic

C’mon! Let’s help save the environment so that we can have global heat reduction. You can do this by putting those original ideas to great use by making mats, rugs and other home decorations with the use of plastic. You can surf the net for easy to follow step by step procedures. You’d be surprised how good it would turn out to be, it won’t look cheap at all. The best part of doing this is that you get to inspire other people to contribute to society’s waste management. At the same, be sure to invest in green technology, just make sure that you get the genuine ones as there have been a lot of fake ones in the market recently.

Multifunctional Furniture


Have you seen the movie transformers? Well, multifuntional furniture is sort of the same as a tranformer. It is camouflaged as something simple then transforms into something incredibly mind blowing.  Having a multifunctional furniture helps with not just saving so much space in your house, but also making your place look stylish and modern. The best example of this is The Boxetti collection. Designed by Rolands Landsberg, his sleek white box furniture maximizes efficiency.

The collection starts with The Boxetti Lounge. It is a three- seater sofa that has removable pieces that become instant coffee tables. On the back, there is a foldable desktop and another seat.

Boxetti Lunch is a whole kitchen that looks just like a simple white rectangular shaped table but it includes a fridge, a sink, 2 stools, shelves and storage drawers.

And last but not the least is the Boxetti Thrill. It has a built in TV and speakers that rise up whenever you want to use it.